Seniors Hospitality Center, Inc.
of Boundary County

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Seniors Hospitality Center is a non-profit, equal opportunity employer that strives to serve the elderly in our community. We want to help the Seniors Hospitality Center Inc. of Boundary County keep its doors open!

The Seniors Hospitality Center is funded primarily through grants and your donations! We receive reimbursement monies from the Area Agency on Aging in Coeur d'Alene which receives funding from the Idaho Commission on Aging which is funded by the U.S. Government Older Americans Act. This funding covers approximately 1/3 the cost of our meals programs. It does not provide funding for operating costs of our meal programs. Seniors Hospitality Center currently is providing approximately 650 meals a month, both in house and through home delivered meals to the entire Boundary County region. Unless specified, donations are split equally between the operating expenses of congregate meals and home delivered meals. Your donations are tax deductible! We appreciate all of your contributions, large and small!

Thank you from the Seniors Hospitality Center staff and Board of Directors.

You can drop off your donation to 6635 Lincoln Street, Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805; or mail it to PO Box 1639, Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805. The donors, year-to-date summary, can be viewed online. We are open 7:00 am to 3:00 pm.

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